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Apr 23, 2013 2:30pm PDT
; she graduated from galileo high school. she joined the chinese-american democratic youth league, at progressive organization within the chinese american community. i know it is hard for us to appreciate this today but at that time, chinese-american organizations were subjected to surveillance and harassment of the federal government, by the fbi as well elements of the chinese american community. laura has been and was a heroine in furthering these causes in the fight. ever since those days she has continued to engage in progressive causes and community service. she has been involved in significant groundbreaking research into chinese-american history. as an aside, she supported her late husband mark li, after whom the chinatown branch library is named. laura's name also adorns the heart of research and learning. i wonder -- i want to thank laura for generously donating time money and materials, to the chinese historical society, seven cisco public library, and so many other organizations. i happen to hold in my hands a chapter of an anthology called chinese-american history and
Apr 27, 2013 7:30pm PDT
clearly an important institution ; the majority of my friends who graduated with from galileo high school went there, play ball, and did all kinds of other things in many of them because of city college have been able to go . to four years additions , in addition to that the john adams campus i cannot tell you how many can people i had to take to the john adams campus to get registered for the ged, have such an amazing program, anyone in the city, if they wanted additional education opportunities , for an extremely reasonable price city college is the place to go. even last week there was in chinatown at an amazing event or the culinary school there, i was looking for you president chiu but did not see you; we all know and accept that it is an important institution for our city. and think that one of the points that was brought up by supervisor campos and reiterated by supervisor mar, is a need for some level of joint meeting so we can actively be engaged in working with one another on a more consistent basis and not just when a crisis happens. the voters passed the proposition a which is
Apr 3, 2013 2:00pm PDT
page of galileo's book on the solar system shows copernicus demonstrating to the revered ancient philosophers aristotle and ptolemy that their view had been wrong. the earth was one of many celestial bodies, all of which obeyed the same impartial laws. at the same time europeans learned of that revelation, the discovery of the americas and the exploration of the far east revealed that europe wasn't the center of the world. inhis time of spiritual crisis provoked by the explosion of knowledge, artists sought new ways of seeing and understanding. the out-thst left arm of the disciple startled and astonished its first viewers in 1600. it breaks into the space in which we stand. the naturalism of this painting of christ at emmaus by michelangelo merisi, known as caravaggio, was unprecedented. its intention is to convince us we're participants in this astonishing event, god's presence in the flesh we may no longer regard the earth as unique, caravaggio seems to be saying, but god has dwel amongst us. divinity and sanctity are to be found in our midst. caravaggio went out into rome's s
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)